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Industries Served

ARM and Financial Services:

The ARM industry and financial sector are under a continuous barrage of requests to comply with different federal and state laws as well as security standards and regulations. Our IT professionals all possess Fortune 100 and ARM industry experience. This makes TECH LOCK uniquely skilled in serving the ARM industry as it relates to information technology, data security and regulatory compliance.


The regulatory burden on hospitals, insurance carriers, and other covered entities is continually increasing. First on the list is HIPAA, and now the HITECH Act is also on the radar. Taking credit card payments open these entities up for PCI DSS and various state laws. TECH LOCK understands the juggling act that the healthcare industry must perform, and we have years of experience in alleviating the burdens of compliance through holistic information security programs.


Retail enterprises are often top targets for identity theft and credit card fraud. Several recent high-profile breaches have alerted the public to this. TECH LOCK has the knowledge and expertise to minimize the cost of compliance in an industry with increasingly diminishing returns – we understand that there is virtually nothing more important than saving time, money, customer confidence, and public image.


Colleges, universities and other educational institutions are another high-profile target for hackers, since these institutions often end up gathering large amounts of financial, medical, and other nonpublic personal information about their students. TECH LOCK has worked with some of the largest educational institutions on reducing their attack surface and increasing security posture.


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