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Some States (such as Nevada) require businesses by law to be compliant with PCI DSS.

PCI DSS Assessment

TECH LOCK is a PCI ASV and PCI QSA for the United States, Caribbean & Latin America regions.

In addition to PCI DSS assessments, TECH LOCK also provides the following ancillary PCI DSS-related services:

  Consultation & Advice
  As Qualified Security Assessors, TECH LOCK understands that PCI DSS compliance can sometimes be confusing. Do you need clarification on what level merchant or service provider you are? Do you have questions on how to interpret or apply a particular PCI DSS Requirement to your environment? Do you want to explore the possibility of network segmentation to reduce the scope, complexity, and cost of PCI DSS? Each business is different, and TECH LOCK provides experience and advice in navigating PCI DSS.
  Companies just starting out down the path of PCI DSS compliance often aren't ready for a PCI DSS assessment right away. While continuous compliance is the goal, the PCI DSS assessment is a point-in-time audit. TECH LOCK helps identify and prioritize gaps in PCI DSS compliance (such as required policies or procedures not being in place), so that your organization will be ready to pass on the first attempt.
  TECH LOCK's PCI DSS remediation services offer businesses a fast way to remediate PCI DSS assessment findings. We work with your QSA to determine the best path to compliance, and do the hands-on work to get you compliant. Click here for more information.


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