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Virtually every data security & privacy law, regulation and standard requires policies and procedures to be formally documented and published to all individuals that access your information systems.

Examples include:

PCI DSS § 12

FISMA / NIST SP800-53 (§ 1 of all families)

HIPAA § 164.316

ISO 27001 § A.5.1
Policy Review & Development

Organizations have sometimes dozens of laws, regulations and standards to comply with. Ensuring that all requirements are codified in policy can be confusing at best, and counter-productive at worst.

TECH LOCK identifies and catalogs all applicable requirements, customizes policy statements to your business, and helps you integrate the policies into your information security program.

  Between the current laws, regulations and standards, there is much overlap in terms of security requirements. However, there are often nuances differentiating the overlapping requirements. TECH LOCK’s experience in multi-regulatory compliance helps you navigate this ‘regulatory jungle.'
  Not all business are built the same - so it follows that not every business has the same policies and procedures. When faced with so many requirements coming from multiple directions, the best approach is the risk-based approach. TECH LOCK’s experienced consultants help you customize your policies and procedures so that they make sense for your organization and maintain your compliance.

It’s often not enough to simply write a policy and place it on your Intranet site or company file share. Managers and individual contributors need to understand the policies they are meant to follow. Employees can be the weakest link of an organization’s information security program; a workforce that understands and self-enforces company security policies can easily become the strongest link.

The TECH LOCK Difference - Unlike some of our competitors who will just give you a policy template with your company’s name on it, TECH LOCK will work with your business to customize and tailor appropriate information security policies based on organizational need and regulatory compliance objectives.

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