Why Get TECH LOCK® Certified?

Regulatory Compliance.
Most regulatory standards require oversight and monitoring of service providers. This often involves audits being conducted by a qualified party independent of management and personnel responsible for the development or maintenance of the service provider’s security program.

Client Requirements.
Government subcontractors must use FISMA compliant service providers. PCI DSS requires PCI DSS compliant service providers.

Competitive Advantage.
Your competitors don’t have passing audit reports from multiple regulatory standards. Show your potential customers that they can trust you with their data.

Business Agility.
Have the ability to move into other asset classes or lines of business quickly, without having to realign your information security program or spend money to comply with new requirements.

Lock in Efficiency.
Realize the benefits of lowered risk, less unplanned downtime, and a more streamlined, controlled IT environment.

Are YOU TECH LOCK® Certified?

Let us put the pieces of regulatory compliance together for you.

TECH LOCK® Certified provides your organization, hosting service, or application a holistic information security assessment by our experienced consultants to ensure compliance with many laws, rules and regulations, such as PCI DSS, GLBA, FISMA, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO 27002, Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00, Nevada Personal Information Law NRS 603a, and Minnesota’s Plastic Card Security Act.

  TECH LOCK® Certified: Service Provider
  Service Provider assessment will measure your systems and processes against multiple regulatory standards.

It is common for existing and potential clients to require your company to comply with various security controls when you are performing a service for them. Most organizations take these as they come, and do them piecemeal. Having so many different audits can be costly and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hand your current or potential client one audit report against multiple standards or move into new lines of business quickly because you know you are already compliant with any applicable data security standards?
  TECH LOCK® Certified: Hosted Solution
  Hosted Solution assessment will measure your hosting environment against multiple regulatory standards.

A hosting environment can quickly become a quagmire of compliance needs because your customers may store, process or transmit any number of data elements. If this data is stored on your systems, then your systems must be compliant with each of the standards. If your hosted solution does not meet all of them, potential customers may pass you by in favor of your competitors!
  TECH LOCK® Certified: Application

Application assessment will measure the abilities of your application to fully function in an environment compliant with multiple regulatory standards.

Many customers must harden their systems to comply with laws, standards, and contractual requirements. If not done properly, this can cause the application to function aberrantly, or even not function at all! Our technicians will work with you to create documentation on recommended parameters to meet regulatory compliance and to avoid the unnecessary support calls and missing potential customers by having a tested, approved and supported application hardening configuration standard that your customers can properly and securely use in their environment.

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