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Adaptive Managed Security and Compliance services. Lock-In Enhanced Threat Detection and the Protection of Your Business.

We Take on Your Security and Compliance Challenges

Our Services

Managed Security

Detects true security threats and provides the urgent response needed to quickly resolve them.

Compliance Management

Provides expertise to know what you need and when you need it to meet compliance obligations.

Security Validation Services

Ensure the security of your sensitive data and compliance standing with validation and assessment services.

Our Difference

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Time-Critical Protection for Healthcare Data

Accelerate threat detection for organizations managing healthcare data and elevate security maturity.

Hard Lessons for the ARM Industry

Security scrutiny as ARM (Accounts Receivables Management) companies continue to be high profile targets.

Hospitality Use-Cases

Find out the security and compliance use-cases that are prevalent for companies that provide or support hospitality services. 

Don’t Let the Complexities of Security and Compliance Derail Your Business

• Hackers weaponize known vulnerabilities within 24 hrs – PC Magazine

• Malware lingers in SMBs for an average of 800 days before detection – Tech Republic

• 74% of cybersecurity professionals believe that cyber-risk management is more difficult today than it was two years ago – ESG Research





TECH LOCK enables organizations to navigate, detect and respond to today’s modern cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Our full spectrum security-centric approach delivers value to our clients through defined and measurable outcomes combined with independent cyber research, specialized skills, and premium customer support and service.


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