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Providing due diligence and vendor oversight


You rely on your service providers but in a world of increased security risks and regulatory oversight, the due diligence and vendor management practices of just a few years ago are now inadequate. TECH LOCK® can assist by ensuring you are effectively holding your vendors to your own high standards of data security and compliance.

Determine your risk level

TECH LOCK can assist in determining the risk level associated with your key vendors based on the potential impact of a breach, types and volume of information they handle.

Take appropriate action

Contract review

Security questionnaire

Validate some security questionnaire answers via online meeting

Validate SQ answers during on-site visit – either with your staff or TECH LOCK experts

Require a 3rd party audit of the pertinent data security standards

TECH LOCK works with many organizations to review security questionnaires completed by vendors, to conduct on-site interviews or to complete relevant data security audits.

Ensure your vendors are meeting your data security standards.