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Accounts Receivables Management


Data Security and Compliance

The accounts receivables management and financial services sectors are under a continuous barrage of requests to comply with a myriad of federal and state laws as well as security standards and regulations. Data security is further complicated by the ongoing attacks and increasing sophistication of malware, ransomware, hackers and others with malicious intent. Remaining compliant and keeping your data secure can feel overwhelming.

Deep receivables management expertise


Fortunately, TECH LOCK® can help and is uniquely qualified to serve those in accounts receivables management. Many of our staff members possess several years of senior IT experience in large receivables management organizations and can offer practical insight on meeting the unique data security and compliance challenges faced by this industry. The team has extensive experience working on receivables management software solutions and possesses a deep understanding of each systems’ security weaknesses.

Streamline your audit process

TECH LOCK is one of very few organizations certified to conduct HITRUST, PCI DSS and FedRAMP audits. In an effort to streamline the audit process, many clients choose to conduct our signature product “TECH LOCK Certified” which completes all audits required for your organization simultaneously, saving you both time and money.

Work with experts who understand ARM

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