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Compliance Audit Services

Ensure your data security and compliance with audit services from TECH LOCK. Our auditors not only hold the most rigorous certifications but also possess extensive receivables management experience making them uniquely qualified to uncover potential issues in your receivables management system. TECH LOCK ® is one of only a few companies in North America to hold PCI QSA, ASV and HITRUST CSF Assessor.

Its signature audit, TECH LOCK Certified 2.0, offers a comprehensive and continuous audit strategy ensuring ongoing compliance with all relevant regulations and certifications. Unlike most audits, which are point-in-time, TECH LOCK 2.0 ensures your organization not only achieves compliance but also remains compliant.

Risk Assessment


TECH LOCK experts can assess your organization to identify your risks, assist in remediation prioritization or prepare for an audit. Our risk assessments are designed to identify two types of risks as you prepare for a formal data security audit or assessment:

• Any data security issues that may present a risk of data breach
• Any compliance issues that would be either time-consuming or expensive to resolve

Third Party Vendor Assessment


In a world of increased security risks and regulatory oversight, the due diligence and vendor management practices of just a few years ago are now inadequate. It is no longer acceptable to send a questionnaire and check the box to say you have vetted your service providers. TECH LOCK can assist you hold your vendors to your own high standards of data security and compliance.

Comprehensive Audit


Your organization likely is required to show compliance with multiple data security laws, regulations, and standards. TECH LOCK Certified assessments are comprehensive audits that take into account all applicable data security requirements, providing you with multiple benefits:

Cost Savings

By eliminating redundant audits, a single audit by TECH LOCK costs less than hiring multiple firms to conduct separate audits.

Time Savings

Audits may last several weeks and require significant internal resources. By conducting all required audits at the same time, your team will spend less time responding to auditor requests and more time contributing to your bottom line.

PCI DSS Assessment


If your organization transmits, processes or stores credit card information you are required to comply with approximately 250+ controls within 12 requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Many organizations are required to complete a PCI DSS assessment annually. TECH LOCK, an accredited PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Company, offers a full-service, independent third-party audit with technically skilled assessors that possess deep industry relevant experience to understand the finer points of your data security posture.



Any organization which processes, transmits or stores credit card information is required to conduct an external vulnerability scan quarterly and after any significant changes. Approved Scanning Vendors (ASVs) are a select group of accredited organizations who provide a set of security tools that have been validated to adhere to the PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.2. TECH LOCK will work with your team to simplify the process and assist your organization in meeting PCI DSS scanning guidelines.

HITRUST Certification


Ensuring adequate data security is a critical requirement for all covered entities and business associates. Working with TECH LOCK to achieve HITRUST Certification demonstrates that your organization has a holistic security framework in place that incorporates a variety of standards and regulatory requirements. It also offers a recognized, objective benchmark from which you can manage and measure your compliance and security efforts.

Penetration Testing

You may think your infrastructure is protected, but those with malicious intent are continuously looking to exploit weaknesses. While vulnerability scans and automatic updates reduce your risks, the only way to know how your infrastructure would react in the event of an attempted attack is to conduct penetration testing.

Policy Development

Authoritative IT policies enforced from the top down that reflect your day-to-day operations can greatly improve your data security posture. TECH LOCK’s vast experience in multi-regulatory compliance can help your organization identify and properly respond to the myriad of IT policy requirements.