TECH LOCK Certified™ Assessment

Bundled Assessments Delivering Time and Cost-Savings

Assessments incorporating multiple standards bundled together making compliance easier, cost-effective, reducing the chaos and disruptions of individual engagements.

Security assessors with deep industry knowledge provide visibility and certification of compliance for your business.

Services At a Glance

Navigate multiple requirements

TECH LOCK helps organizations navigate multiple standards. We provide a normalized review of the multiple requirements and then perform a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s technical systems and processes. Our assessors are experienced with and certified in a broad range of technologies looking at best practices and configurations. We don’t just interview staff and then look for documented policies and procedures; we look at all relevant information systems and network components to ensure the appropriate policies and procedures are being actively addressed. This goes above and beyond what many single-view assessments provide. 

Assessment that tests all requirements simultaneously

We map all of the IT security elements to relevant data security laws and regulatory standards. Regulatory standards that we look at include PCI DSS, HITRUST, NIST SP800-53, and others as required by the customer. We also keep track of current and emerging industry and state laws providing insight into how potential changes may change overall compliance guidelines and are ready to address these concerns for our customers.

“NIST released the Cybersecurity Framework to help critical infrastructure sectors and organizations reduce and manage their cyber risk regardless of size or cybersecurity sophistication.” – Using Cybersecurity Framework

Our Expertise

TECH LOCK has developed a standardized set of controls and testing procedures that includes all of the laws and regulatory standards that we audit against. This is opposed to some types of audits (such as a SOC 2 audit) which allows organizations to select which controls would apply, and decide how to in-depth each control should be assessed. This leads to inconsistent audit reports across different organizations.

Financial institutions, guarantors, and creditors that utilize many service providers are not well-served by this type of audit. Alternatively, every TECH LOCK® Certified assessment follows the same set of standardized controls and testing procedures. Our TECH LOCK Certified logo provides organizations a trust mark that their security and compliance posture has been validated.

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