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Organizations can achieve measurable cost savings and improved efficiency by taking advantage of TECH LOCK’s staff augmentation services. TECH LOCK’s experienced certified professionals can be made available for projects, audits, or day-to-day administration, based on the needs of your business. Our consultants can work remotely, be brought on-site, or a combination of the two for the duration of the engagement. Our staff augmentation services are customized to the needs of the organization and come with 3 distinct services offerings. These offerings include IT managed services, project-based staff augmentation, and security and compliance managed services.

Finding IT talent is hard enough – and keeping them can, at times, be even harder. TECH LOCK staff provides multiple skill sets and certifications; including Microsoft, EMC, VMware and Cisco, that are at or below the cost of a traditional FTE’s. TECH LOCK staff has spent over 20 years implementing, enhancing and supporting the IT infrastructure needs to enhance the profitability and operation initiatives of organizations. Unlike many managed services companies TECH LOCK provides its clients with value added services such as system architecture and planning, allowing them to make the proper investments today that will continue to provide benefit to the organization down the road. Our services allow you to reduce costs while strengthening your security posture, increasing your system integrity, availability, and reliability.

Project based staff augmentation

Over 70% of the average IT department’s time is spent keeping the lights on, limiting its ability to work on new projects that can enhance business processes and operational goals. Utilize TECH LOCK’s experienced staff to help fill in the gaps and provide needed support to implement and complete key initiatives. Our staff can help backfill IT employees who have left the organization or provide additional hands to make sure your IT organization can scale to meet the needs of the business.

Security Managed Services

Many organizations, once they achieve their security compliance goals, fall short on maintaining compliance. The security of an organization’s data is an ongoing, evolving process that needs to be continually maintained through the addition or modification of policies, procedures and technical safe guards. TECH LOCK’s team of security engineers can assist you with maintaining your security compliance while taking the burden off your IT staff from having to maintain compliance. For most organizations the cost to achieve compliance can be quite high and without proper due diligence the costs associated with maintaining compliance can continue to grow. TECH LOCK’s staff can become an integral part of your team to assist you in maintaining your compliance and reducing the time and money that needs to be spent maintaining it.

The TECH LOCK Difference – Utilize our team of IT professionals with over 20 years of experience implementing, enhancing and supporting the IT infrastructure needs of organizations and help reduce your IT support, maintenance and compliance costs, while taking the burden of maintaining security compliance off of your IT staff.