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Do your employees know what social engineering and phishing are? Are they aware of the procedures, tools and safeguards in place to protect your assets and comply with laws and regulations? You can have the most secure network in the world, but if you answered No to any of these questions, then your organization may be more vulnerable than you think.

TECH LOCK provides security awareness training as well as the development security awareness programs. We can create tailored security awareness training materials to a specific audience, such as executives, IT professionals, or call center representatives. Alternatively, TECH LOCK can provide security training specific to a standard, such as PCI, HIPAA or GLBA. We can also provide security awareness aides, such as posters, e-mail messages, bookmarks, stickers, handouts and acknowledgement forms.

TECH LOCK can create a security awareness program that entails the following elements:

  • Generalized security awareness training for all employees and contractors at least annually, and before they are allowed access to the system.
  • The use of aides such as posters and e-mails to maintain awareness throughout the year.
  • Specialized security awareness training for employees and contractors with specialized roles (e.g., HIPAA training for those who may come in contact with PHI), and before they are allowed to access the system.
  • Specialized information security training for IT, Developers, and Information Security staff provided by a third party (e.g., OWASP/secure programming techniques, CompTIA Security+ class).
  • Acknowledgment forms for all personnel who complete security awareness training.