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Virtual CIO/CSO

TECH LOCK employs a number of individuals who have held senior management experience in both Fortune 300 companies and small/medium size businesses. Traditionally, SMB companies don’t need or can’t afford the services of a full-time CIO or CSO. A TECH LOCK virtual CIO/CSO can help fill this gap by carrying out such functions as reviewing vendor contracts, providing guidance on IT strategy and direction, making presentations to the board, and other functions of a CIO/CSO.

What is in a title?

The Title is for branding purposes and identifying the service in a statement of work. But, by no means does this make TECH LOCK an officer in your company. Some organizations leverage the vCSO as a title in their organization for marketing purposes, responding to RFPs and or as agreed upon with TECH LOCK. However, please note that the TECH LOCK vCSO service can be virtual security director, security consultant, compliance consultant or one of the many other titles out there.

Key Benefits

In addition to the TECH LOCK® Trifecta (ARM Industry IT Security Professional) there are several other benefits from leveraging a services company for this service. First, the TECH LOCK vCSO service cannot turn in a 2 week notice. Thus you know you have a resource for the length of the contract or as long as you need. Second, the TECH LOCK vCSO service cannot take a sick day. Lastly, the TECH LOCK vCSO service does not go on vacation. Although you have a primary vCSO that works closely with your team and organization, TECH LOCK has many consultants that provide the vCSO service and you never have to worry about losing a knowledgeable resource while the contract is in effect.

The TECH LOCK Difference – TECH LOCK’s Fortune 300 IT management experience allows the application of the same successful management and guidance to other organizations to help reduce overall IT spend and increase efficiencies that aid in producing operations results.