Compliance and Assessment Services

Compliance Made Easy 

Because your business must adhere to one or multiple compliance regulations and your time and resources are limited  – we are here to address your needs. 

Partner with TECH LOCK and know that you will get industry-certified and security-focused assessors and professionals. They deliver more than just compliance reports. They advise on streamlining operations and compliance management so you know exactly where you stand and what you need to do.

We help you to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with considerations for the complexity of your organization’s unique compliance requirements.

Our unique ability to provide security services with integrated compliance and ongoing compliance management is the best way to keep compliance costs in check.

Learn More About our Assessments and Compliance Services:

TECH LOCK Certified: Assessments incorporating multiple standards bundled together for cost-savings and efficiency.

PCI DSS Assessments: Independent assessors that can report on compliance (ROC), and perform vulnerability scanning (ASV) services.

HITRUST Assessments: Demonstrate that your organization has strong and mature security controls and framework for self-attestation or achieve full  HITRUST Certification.

CMMC Assessment: Prepare for the certification process for CMMC compliance and verify that you meet the stated Level of security for coveted DoD contracts.

Third-Party Risk Assessment: Objective security insight into critical vendors, business associate agreements, or partners and the cybersecurity risk exposure they may bring to your company. 

Compliance Maintenance:  Comprehensive checklist and reminders with experts reviewing and validating compliance artifacts and self-attestations so nothing is missed and assessments or self-assessments are easily verifiable.

Penetration Testing:  Validate the security of your organization and test how an attacker sees your business and opportunities to compromise it before an actual data breach occurs.