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Compliance Maintenance


As essential as changing the oil in your car


A strong compliance maintenance program can help your organization avoid harmful security setbacks.

Data security and compliance is an ongoing commitment


TECH LOCK® offers a hands-on maintenance program that will help keep your data secure. The compliance maintenance ensures the upkeep and execution of weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual tasks required for vital data security certifications and regulatory compliance. Rather than disappearing until the next annual audit, TECH LOCK stays connected to help your organization remain compliant year-round.

Incorporate industry best practices into your day-to-day operations


TECH LOCK’s comprehensive compliance maintenance program, based on industry best practices {NIST, PCI DSS, ISO 27002, HIPAA and HiTrust), provides the consistent checks and balances that are critical for securing your data. This includes required monthly and quarterly tasks as well as ongoing monitoring to help ensure organizational or infrastructure changes don’t negatively impact your security posture.

Compliance Maintenance Checklist


TECH LOCK’s comprehensive compliance maintenance checklist includes:

√ Annual Review/Update Configuration Standards
√ Annual Media Inventory
√ Annual Internal/External Penetration Test
√ Annual Review/Update Security Policies
√ Annual Risk Assessment
√ Annual Security Awareness Training
√ Annual Service Provider Review
√ Annual Incident Response Plan Maintenance
√ Bi-Annual Firewall and Router Configuration Review
√ Monthly Anti-Virus Review
√ Monthly Confirmation of Security Patches
√ Monthly IDS/IPS Review
√ Quarterly Check for CHD Retention Compliance
√ Quarterly Cryptographic Key Check
√ Quarterly User Account Review
√ Quarterly Check for Physical Access Control Data Storage
√ Quarterly Check for Unauthorized Wireless Devices
√ Quarterly Internal Vulnerability Scan
√ Quarterly External ASV Vulnerability Scan
√ Quarterly File Integrity Monitoring Compliance
√ Weekly Vulnerabilities Notifications
√ On Demand Review of Custom Code
√ On Demand Change Control Review
√ On Demand Public-Facing Web Application Review

Why choose TECH LOCK?

Compliance maintenance is a critical yet rarely available service.
Offers full-service package from targeting problems to helping you fix them.
Provides checks and balances for everything from daily to annual jobs.
Expansive maintenance checklist reaches far beyond required tasks.
Comprehensive audit and ongoing maintenance helps prevent data breaches.