Compliance Management

We can help your organization avoid harmful setbacks and streamline obligations across multiple requirements and standards with maintenance and hands-on services.

Compliance as Part of Every Day Operations

We stay connected to help your organization maintain compliance requirements year-round. Enhance your security and compliance with a program that monitors the vital tasks and daily activities for security certifications and regulatory obligations. Keep on top of the requirements and reduce internal audit costs by having one location for tracking necessary operational documentation and related activities.

Strong Foundation 

Easily Incorporate Industry Best Practices

Our comprehensive compliance maintenance program, based on industry best practices (NIST, PCI DSS, ISO, HIPAA, and HITRUST), provides the checks and balances that are critical for securing your data. This includes required monthly and quarterly tasks as well as ongoing monitoring to help ensure organizational or infrastructure changes don’t negatively impact your security posture.

Comprehensive Oversight

Compliance Maintenance 

TECH LOCK’s comprehensive compliance maintenance program uses industry best practices for NIST, PCI DSS, ISO 27002, HIPAA, and HITRUST.  We provide consistent checks and balances that are critical for securing your data. Required monthly and quarterly itemization of tasks and a monthly review of completed items keeps you up to date. Our compliance dashboard provides the oversight to view completed items and keeps the necessary evidence in one location for quick review. TECH LOCK stays connected, assisting your organization on the most effective way to meet compliance obligations.

Continuous Compliance

Integrated Compliance Assessment 

Experience continuous compliance. TECH LOCK provides the orchestration, reporting, and evidence capture with our Integrated Compliance Assessment. Together with our Managed Security services clients receive premium support and a significant reduction of effort for organizations with multiple compliance obligations or needs. Remove the chaos and effort spike before and during any traditional assessment. Assessors can quickly identify security risk around significant infrastructure changes, review shifts in compliance requirements, and provide business risk assessments, including due diligence for merger and acquisitions. 


TECH LOCK enables organizations to navigate, detect and respond to today’s modern cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Our full spectrum security-centric approach delivers value to our clients through defined and measurable outcomes combined with independent cyber research, specialized skills, and premium customer support and service.


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