Detect and Respond

TECH LOCK manages your security needs from threat detection and response to day-to-day security operations.

We Address Your Security Threats 24/7/365

TECH LOCK monitors your organization for cyber risk, security events, and elevates with appropriate urgency those that need immediate attention. From detailed remediation information to hands-on quarantine or device management we can assist in quickly addressing security threats.

Delivering Beyond any Traditional Provider

Managed Security Across All Vectors 

It takes a holistic approach to provide strong security management with threat detection. TECH LOCK provides it all with an end-to-end solution designed to meet the needs for organizations of all sizes. We have a comprehensive catalog of services and provide oversight and protection across the attack surface of any business. 

threat-centric focus

End-to-End Security Management Using Leading Technology Vendors


Secure Endpoint Management

Full Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities, modern endpoint security with behavioral analytics going beyond traditional anti-virus/anti-malware. 

Log Management

Log management enables organizations to have access to their important logging information, generate alerts, and search for historical data without the workload or overhead.

Security Device Management

Manage firewall and perimeter security devices across multiple locations, ensuring configurations for only allowed traffic types. Continuous monitoring for events and unauthorized.

Vulnerability Management

Regular vulnerability scans identify the critical area of exposure and risk. Prioritized security and patch recommendations are delivered along with continuous verification of remediation.

custom and prescriptive remediation

Incident Management

 An incident is an unexpected disruption or high-risk security event. Our service provides guidance and operational support to minimize impact and proactively take measures to quarantine, block, and then prevent reoccurrences. Investigation and analysis provide the necessary procedures and go-forward recommendations to protect business data and assets.

Pro-active security 

Security Operations

We provide the best practices for security operations. This includes continually advancing our services, technology vendors, and implementations to adapt to the changing threat landscape.  Our service is all-inclusive, taking on the day-to-day aspect of security management. We meet with our clients regularly to share insights and issues before they become incidents and work with them to implement enhanced security configurations and policies. Our strong compliance background means that you can rely on TECH LOCK to provide the oversight and closed-loop verification needed for just about any type of compliance or regulatory standard built-into our service.


TECH LOCK enables organizations to navigate, detect and respond to today’s modern cybersecurity and compliance challenges. Our full spectrum security-centric approach delivers value to our clients through defined and measurable outcomes combined with independent cyber research, specialized skills, and premium customer support and service.

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