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Disaster Recovery


Your disaster recovery solution is critical to ensure your business will continue even in the face of a crisis. Despite its critical importance, this plan is too often ignored. TECH LOCK® experts are well-versed in the development and implementation of disaster recovery solutions and data center buildouts.

Assessment and planning is key


An effective DR plan involves thoughtful collaboration between business, security and IT leaders in your organization to determine the critical systems and objectives. This includes:

Defining recovery time objectives based on your SLA’s

Defining your recovery point objectives

Analyzing your current technologies to identify gaps

Implementing solutions to remediate gaps

Creating a DR budget and implementation timeline

Expert implementation and testing

TECH LOCK consultants possess the expertise to effectively implement your DR plan according to best practices as well as thorough test all systems to ensure your business can be back online in a timely fashion in the event of an application or site failure.

Don’t leave your disaster recovery to chance!


Whether caused by a natural disaster, water main break or a system failure, the future of your business may depend on an effective disaster recovery plan. Contact TECH LOCK to ensure you are ready for any event.