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End Point Management


Vulnerability and patch management


From relentless hackers to an employee who inadvertently opened an email that introduced malware throughout your organization, security threats are attacking businesses in every industry, every day.

Vigilant organizations are taking precautions to save their reputation, their customers’ trust and their livelihood.

How to protect your business


Endpoint Protection Management is an umbrella term for:

Vulnerability Assessment

Continuous review of your entire network to identify vulnerabilities using scanning software running in the cloud

Vulnerability Remediation

Prioritize and correct identified vulnerabilities in a timely manner which may include configuration changes, an update to Windows, application filtering or other appropriate actions

Patch Management

Researching, testing and deploying in a timely manner necessary patches and updates

Every Business Needs a Bodyguard

A recent Frost & Sullivan survey of large organizations revealed:


are not running comprehensive scans of security configurations


are not scanning for software vulnerabilities

Outsourcing your endpoint management can limit your exposure to ongoing threats and fix security holes. With TECH LOCK on your team, compliance is simplified. Our experts offer the deep knowledge and extensive endpoint protection training that develops from working in the field each day. TECH LOCK can identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and carefully apply patches in a timely manner.

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