Firewall Management

Option with TECH LOCK Secure

Fully Managed Network and Security Device Management  

Foundations to Minimize Cyber Exposure: 

The ‘bad guys’ have automated their threats – looking for easy targets where organizations have firewall management issues with misconfigurations or poor controls in place. They quickly change IP addresses and leverage new domain names to obfuscate their activity.

Having 24x7x365 analysis of alerts going beyond just monitoring is not feasible for most organizations.  A network attack can be an attack or a distraction.  Hackers attempt to keep under the radar as they pursue multiple attack vectors to infiltrate an organization’s defenses.

Coordinated security provides the ability to comprehensively look at all the threat signals to take action quickly against cyber exposure and attacks.


  • 24x7x365 SOC and immediate investigation into security events

  • Continuous monitoring of ingress and egress traffic with security enrichment to immediately act when known malicious sites are involved

  • Coordinated expert-assisted configuration, updates, and fine-tuning of security policies 

Full Management of Security Devices

Firewalls are a crucial line of defense protecting your business from cyberattack. 

Review of firewall management, configurations, and traffic segmentation.

Support for Firewall/UTM, Intrusion Detection, Remote Access Appliances, IDS/IPS, VPN.

Security Engineers provide analysis for real-time threat detection and response.

Structured change management enforcement, request review, and security evaluation, to ensure best practices and compliance oversight. 

TECH LOCK provides end-to-end management of your security devices ensuring you get the most from the technology and the highest security control.

Overcome Security Challenges

It’s difficult to manage firewalls across multiple locations and/or regions.

Advanced technology features are not being used due to the overhead and the high learning curve.

Unable to respond to real-time threat alerts 24x7x265.

Firewall, network, and other security device events are inputs to the TECH LOCK cohesive security operations automation and response (SOAR) platform. The outcome is faster threat detection, remediation, and stronger business protection.

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