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Healthcare data security and compliance

Healthcare organizations are frequent targets for hackers and others with malicious intent due to the extensive non-public information stored. At the same time, the regulatory burden on hospitals, insurance carriers and other covered entities is continually increasing into a complex web that can be difficult to successfully navigate.



Earning the HITRUST certification demonstrates your organization has the security framework that incorporates a variety of standards and regulatory requirements to operate with the highest data security and privacy standards.

Don’t forget PCI DSS


Healthcare organizations that accept credit card payments are subject to meeting the stringent requirements for PCI DSS as well as the myriad of state laws covering credit card payments. TECH LOCK®is an accredited independent PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor Company and PCI ASV. We offer a full-service, independent third party audit with technically skilled assessors who understand the finer points of your data security posture.

Specialized healthcare expertise


Organizations in the healthcare sector face unique data security and compliance challenges. TECH LOCK’s experts possess deep expertise in managing those challenges and helping organizations transform IT from an escalating cost center into a competitive advantage.

Streamline your audit process

TECH LOCK is one of very few organizations certified to conduct HIPAA, HITRUST and PCI DSS audits. In an effort to streamline the audit process, many clients choose to conduct our signature product “TECH LOCK Certified” which completes all audits required for your organization simultaneously, saving you both time and money.

Maintain compliance without burdening your IT staff

Help your organization reduce costs while strengthening your security posture.