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As technology plays an ever-increasing role in healthcare, secure data transmission and storage becomes exponentially more critical and complex. This is further complicated by the myriad of requirements from both federal and state governments as well as third party organizations – not to mention increasing focus from hackers and others with malicious intent. Ensuring adequate data security is now a critical requirement for all covered entities and business associates which may be beyond the capabilities of your infrastructure or team.

Working with an experienced assessor such as TECH LOCK to achieve a HITRUST Certification ensures your organization meets the requirements defined by IT and healthcare professionals in the Common Security Framework (CSF) to ensure ePHI is appropriately safeguarded. HITRUST unifies the regulatory and standards requirements from NIST, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, FTC and COBIT. It is one of the most widely adopted security frameworks in US healthcare.

Increasingly a requirement to operate in the healthcare space, HITRUST enables your organization to demonstrate you have implemented a security framework that incorporates a variety of standards and regulatory requirements. It also offers a recognized, objective benchmark from which you can manage and measure your compliance and security measures.


  • One of the few assessor firms accredited by the HITRUST Assessor Council.
  • Works with your organization as a partner to assist in any required remediation to ensure a successful HITRUST Certification.
  • Assessors possess deep technical knowledge as IT professionals making them uniquely qualified to identify any security weaknesses and provide solutions to ensure a successful remediation.
  • Significant expertise in partnering with both covered entities as well as business associates. Our team understands how HITRUST applies to a business associate’s operations.

Learn how TECH LOCK can assist your organization in ensuring data security.