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HITRUST Certification


Demonstrate your healthcare data security safeguards compliance

Data security is becoming more critical and complex

TECH LOCK® is an accredited Third Party Assessment Organization authorized to conduct the required initial and periodic independent security assessments. TECH LOCK is also a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) in addition to being accredited by the HITRUST Assessor Council – one of only a few firms in North America to hold all of these stringent credentials. For organizations required to adhere to multiple security standards, TECH LOCK can maximize your data security efforts across multiple required standards and certifications.

Ensuring adequate data security

Ensuring adequate data security is now a critical requirement for all covered entities and business associates. Working with TECH LOCK to achieve a HITRUST Certification demonstrates your organization has a security framework that incorporates a variety of standards and regulatory requirements. It also offers a recognized, objective benchmark from which you can manage and measure your compliance and security efforts.

Types of HITRUST Assessments


HITRUST CSF Self-Assessment

TECH LOCK experts provide our knowledge of the requirements and the standard’s unique scoring. Completing a self-assessment will help organizations new to the HITRUST framework understand how close you are to certification when having a validated assessment.

HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment

TECH LOCK can audit and complete a validated assessment with your organization. Validated assessments can lead to HITRUST certifications based on the validated assessment score. TECH LOCK can also assist through a validated assessment, making the process streamlined and help your organization understand all aspects of the audit.

It is recommended that new clients complete a self-assessment first to understand how they stack up against the standard.

Why choose TECH LOCK for your HITRUST assessment?

TECH LOCK is one of the few assessor firms accredited by the HITRUST Assessor Council based on its qualifications and experience as a CSF Assessor organization.

TECH LOCK works with your organization as a partner to assist in any required remediation to help ensure a successful HITRUST Certification.

In addition to their extensive experience as auditors, TECH LOCK assessors also possess deep technical knowledge as IT professionals making them uniquely qualified to identify any security weaknesses and provide solutions to ensure a successful remediation.

TECH LOCK offers substantial expertise in partnering with both covered entities and business associates. Our team understands how HITRUST applies to a business associate’s business.