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Experts to ensure data security and compliance

As the regulatory environment surrounding data security and compliance becomes more complex and those with malicious intent become more sophisticated, you need an expert you can trust to strengthen your security posture. TECH LOCK® experts possess deep experience in several industries. In addition to deep technical expertise in data security and compliance best practices, they also possess practical knowledge of the nuances faced by specific industries.

Accounts Receivables Management


Several TECH LOCK experts have served in senior data security roles within the ARM industry. As a result, our industry-specific knowledge is unsurpassed. Beyond even data security and audits, our team can help your organization transform IT from an escalating cost center into a competitive advantage by increasing your security posture, reducing costs and aligning IT with your overall business goals.



Healthcare organizations face unique challenges and are frequently a target due to the sensitive nature of the information stored. TECH LOCK is accredited to perform HITRUST and PCI DSS audits in addition to assisting healthcare organizations ensure they are following applicable data security regulations and best practices.



It is nearly impossible to watch the news without hearing about another retail data security breach. TECH LOCK assists organizations by ensuring they are following all applicable regulations as well as best practices to increase their security posture.



Escalating cybersecurity threats and increasing complex regulations continue to impact utility providers. TECH LOCK experts can proactively work with your team to reduce risk and improve your data security in accordance with best practices and applicable regulations.



Governmental bodies often maintain non-public information, making them a prime target for hackers and others with malicious intent. TECH LOCK experts can assist in reducing risk and improving a governmental office security posture.

Maintain compliance without burdening your IT staff

Help your organization reduce costs while strengthening your security posture.