Industry-Focused Security

TECH LOCK Managed Security and Compliance Services


Account Receivables Management

The ARM industry continues to be a target for threat actors in addition to the barrage of requests to comply with the varying federal and state laws. Depending on the organizations focus the regulated security standards can range from PCI DSS, HITRUST, HIPAA Business Associates, and FERPA. The aftermath of recent breaches has devastated companies that did not have the right focus on data protection and privacy.

Cohesive security and compliance management is what TECH LOCK provides to protect these organizations.  Our heritage has focused on data security for this industry. We support the ARM industry with effective and enhanced threat detection along with integrated compliance assessment services.

Financial Services & Wealth Management

Organizations providing financial and wealth management services are active targets for cybercriminals yet operational stress and failing to prioritize cybersecurity is leaving many dangerously vulnerable. With digital services as part of their growth strategy and enhanced customer experience opens additional gaps around security and compliance.

TECH LOCK provides compliance assessment services combined with adaptive managed security that can actively take threat detection and response for your organization.  Integrated services augmenting or providing security operations for your business with a threat-focus and the expertise to quickly respond to incidents before they result in a breach.

Healthcare & Business Associates

The direct liability update by HHS is a reminder to the industry, who relies on a network of third-party services, the importance of protecting healthcare and PII data. While the regulatory burden is known the implementation of cohesive security and compliance is often difficult with the lack of expertise, managing the largest range of medical device and operating systems, and the constant need to ensure the practitioner and clinical services are running smoothly. While the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) establishes a Common Security Framework (CSF) to manage HIPAA requirements there are various degrees in which to assess how an organization satisfies these requirements.

TECH LOCK is an accredited third-party assessment organization and HITRUST Certified can assist providers and business associates in many ways, learn more here. From a self-assessment to prepare for HITRUST, managed vulnerability and remediation prioritization services, to threat detection and response. TECH LOCK understands the juggling act that the healthcare industry must perform, and we provide adaptive security services designed to meet the needs of your organization.


With the past lapses in security and compliance, the hospitality industry is ready for a change.  While companies are reconsidering their cybersecurity infrastructure the important question of strategic threat detection remains.  High employee turnover, diverse locations, and the protection of customer payment data, as well as their travel details,  is paramount.  TECH LOCK’s adaptive security management can help organizations keep pace with the technologies, expertise, and threat tactics this industry faces daily.

TECH LOCK provides services to address the risks and security exposure unique to hospitality. Learn more about how our services can augment or become the security operations that provides 24/7 threat detection and response.


Hostile intruders and adversaries are increasingly targeting insurance markets to gain personally identifiable data with high black-market value. The adoption of solutions from digital customer communications, integrated services from multiple parties, and telematic sensors are modernizing customer engagement but also opens up questions about security and compliance. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), New York Department of Financial Services Cyber Security Regulation (NYDFS), and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Data Security Model focus on risk-based security and compliance.

 TECH LOCK’s adaptive managed security and compliance services can help organizations alleviate any concerns of how these emerging regulations may impact the business.  Our services are integrated so threat detection and response and integrated compliance assessment deliver an effective solution to know you are addressing both security and compliance risk 24/7/365.


Technology is rewriting the rules of competition for industrial companies, which also increases concerns about security and compliance. Even smaller companies are leveraging automation, cloud services, and connected methods for their competitive advantage. Keeping the intellectual property and manufacturing processing safe is becoming more difficult with diverse regional locations, limited staff, and inexperience with security and risk frameworks.

Our adaptive managed security and compliance services can help organizations from the ground up to assess their supply chain third-party digital risk, vulnerabilities, security exposure points, and take on everyday threat detection and response.  Clients benefit from TECH LOCK’s expertise and security orchestration to quickly accelerate the safety of their assets, customer data, and intellectual property.