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Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans are some of the most important, yet most ignored, documents that a company can have. From natural disasters and terrorist attacks to broken water mains and natural gas leaks, businesses are caught off-guard every day without a comprehensive continuity and recovery plan. Creating the proper plans involve key interactions between the business, security and IT leaders to determine what kinds of plans are necessary and what systems and business units are most critical to the organization.

Many Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans fail due to improper planning and testing. When is the last time your organization ran through a table top exercise to identify gaps in your continuity and recovery plans? Have you gone through a formal business impact analysis and evaluated all of your risks? TECH LOCK can help review your current continuity and recovery plans to help you evaluate your risks and opportunities to ensure in the event you do experience a business outage you have a fully tested plan that you can execute to keep your business running.