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TECH LOCK employs certified professionals with years of experience in all areas of enterprise architecture, including storage, network, security, infrastructure, and collaboration solutions. Whether you are looking to upgrade an application or implement a new product or feature, utilize TECH LOCK’s team of technology professionals to help make sure the solution being implemented is architected based on industry best practices as it relates to the configuration, implementation, scalability, and reliability of systems and storage infrastructures with best in class information security process and procedures to ensure your IT department becomes a core driver in your organization’s success.

Companies are often in a hurry to get a product implemented, and rarely take a step back to gather all the requirements, review product comparisons, build test environments and complete a formal product roll out. TECH LOCK’s system architecture and design service encompasses all those tasks and helps determine how a given solution should be best configured in your environment. There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. All solutions are customized for each client depending on their needs.

TECH LOCK technology professionals are also well-versed in the development and architecture of disaster recovery solutions and datacenter design and build outs. We can help answer your questions on where to start, costs associated with a DR solution, how to replicate critical data and applications, and defining and meeting your recovery point objectives and recovery time objective according to your SLA’s defined by the business. Our team can analyze the current technologies that comprise your IT department today, identify key gaps and integrate new technologies to provide for a replicated DR solution that can bring your business back online within minutes of an application or site failure.

The TECH LOCK Difference – There is no “one size fits all” technology or security solution. TECH LOCK has the specialized knowledge, experience, and staff to understand your business and provide a technology solution that is aligned with your key goals and strategy.