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Are you frustrated by the costs of maintaining ever-expanding data centers? Many companies are exploring the usage of virtualization within their IT infrastructures and have recognized lower IT costs, reduced planned or unplanned downtime, increased scalability and reliability, additional efficiencies, smaller infrastructure footprint and faster deployment and standardization of operating systems and applications within their IT environments. TECH LOCK is a VMware Partner specializing in virtualization implementations, physical-to-virtual server consolidations and disaster recovery implementations. Our virtualization services can quickly help you combat the need to purchase additional server hardware to fulfill the need to separate server roles while maintaining a secure, resilient, highly available, and scalable environment. Our solutions are designed with security in mind so that you can continue to meet your regulatory compliance goals and objectives while reaping the benefits and costs savings of virtualizing your server and application infrastructure.

Our virtualization services include:

  • TECH LOCK VMware Virtualization Assessment
    A TECH LOCK virtualization assessment gives you a clear view of server consolidation opportunities within your existing physical IT infrastructure. We assess your current server landscape to determine your potential costs and savings and better prepare you to roll out a virtualization solution.
  • TECH LOCK Virtualization Planning and Design
    Good planning leads to better outcomes. A TECH LOCK VMware Certified Professional will plan and de-sign a VMware implementation to meet your needs for server consolidation and server containment while planning for scalability.
  • TECH LOCK VMware Upgrade Services
    Customers who want to upgrade from VMware Infrastructure 3 to VMware vSphere 4 will be interested in the TECH LOCK VMware vSphere Upgrade Service. An experienced TECH LOCK VMware Certified Consultant will come to your site and upgrade your ESX hosts, VMware vCenter Server and virtual machines.
  • TECH LOCK P2V Services
    TECH LOCK can deliver the services you need to rapidly and cost effectively architect and manage physical to virtual (P2V) migrations allowing you to reuse your current hardware for DR or other IT projects. We help you convert your existing physical machines into virtual machines that will reside on your new virtual server infrastructure.
  • TECH LOCK VMware Health Check
    A TECH LOCK VMware Certified Professional consultant will work with your team to understand your unique environment and provide guidance on the current best practices for configuring and managing a VMware or virtual environment.

Contact us today to receive your virtualization action plan as well as access to a TCO/ROI virtualization calculator.