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TECH LOCK, Inc. Delta Outsource Group, Inc. Achieves the ARM Industries’ Most Rigorous Compliance & Data Security Audit – TECH LOCK® Certified.

Troy, MI. TECH LOCK, Inc., a leading compliance and technology consulting company announced that Delta Outsource Group, Inc. a nationwide provider of collection and receivable management programs has completed a holistic audit to show compliance with applicable federal and state data security laws. Created by ARM Industry professionals, TECH LOCK® Certified has been dubbed the “ARM Industry” Gold standard and is the most comprehensive data security audit performed by auditors that have worked as collectors, held top Executive positions, or worked in IT at some of the largest collection companies in North America. Having an understanding of the client’s business is key to an effective and efficient audit, this is one of the key attributes of TECH LOCK auditors, firsthand knowledge of the ARM Industry.

“There are a plethora of auditing companies to choose from,” says Nick Jarman, Delta Outsource Groups chief operating officer. “However, in our comprehensive search, there was only one auditing company that had true collection system and processes expertise, auditors who were technologists and had a holistic multi-regulatory audit.” Delta Outsource Group wasn’t looking for what everyone has and or could pass. The TECH LOCK® Certified assessment is in my opinion the most thorough audit in the collections industry that a company can and should go through. Everyone likes to talk about compliance and how secure their data is, but many times it is just that…talk. TECH LOCK® Certified is walking the walk in data security and compliance.”
“We were honored that Delta Outsource Group, a highly reputable and industry engaging company with similar values as our own, selected us to validate their compliance,” says Todd Langusch, TECH LOCK’s president and chief executive officer. “Jim Peacock and Nick Jarman are well respected in our industry and their management of Delta Outsource Group is a model for the industry. In previous positions at large debt buyers, I have been responsible for overseeing risk management of our outsourced agencies and law firms that required operational and compliance reviews of hundreds of firms and agencies. Of the over 800 companies I have reviewed in my ARM Industry career, I can safely say that Delta Outsource Group is in the top 5% of companies I have reviewed and quite possibly, the top 1%. A key factor that puts Delta in that top 1% was Nick Jarman’s involvement in the audit. All too often, the IT department at a company deal with auditors. Nick was engaged every step of the way to understand the audit process, the results, and ensure integrity of the audit.

Delta Outsource Group, Inc. is a nationwide provider of collection and receivable management programs. We offer a diverse selection of call center solutions from first party, early stage collections to third parties, as well as post charge off recovery programs and customer care projects. Delta Outsource Group, Inc. employs a very highly experienced and motivated workforce that utilizes state of the art technology and strategies.


TECH LOCK, Inc. is a DBA International Approved Auditing Firm, Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA), Approved Scanning Vendor (PCI ASV), and HITRUST CSF Assessor specializing in holistic information security, compliance, and information technology solutions. TECH LOCK’s CEO is an ACA International Certified Instructor and former CIO of one of the largest debt buyers. TECH LOCK is the only auditing services company in the ARM Industry with these credentials and thus makes TECH LOCK uniquely skilled in serving ARM companies of all sizes as it relates to data security, regulatory compliance, and IT infrastructure needs. TECH LOCK is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).