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TECH LOCK® Certified Sacking Malware & Threats to Your Business.

Troy, MI. TECH LOCK, Inc., a leading compliance and technology consulting company realeases new video. Understanding that there is never 100% information security nor a standard or audit that is a silver bullet to eliminate risk, organizations are left with few choices to save time, money, job, customer confidence, and public image. A clear choice in this multi-regulatory industry is the holistic audit created by ARM Industry professionals: TECH LOCK® Certified. TECH LOCK® Certified, dubbed the “ARM Industry Gold Standard,” is the most comprehensive data security audit performed by auditors that have worked as collectors, held top Executive positions, or worked in IT at some of the largest collection companies in North America. Having an understanding of the client’s business is key to an effective and efficient audit, this is one of the key attributes of TECH LOCK auditors, firsthand knowledge of the ARM Industry.

“Recently, a security software manufacturer stated that anti-virus is no longer effective and catches only 45% of cyber attacks” says Todd Langusch, TECH LOCK’s president and chief executive officer. “In addition, the average time for a PC to be compromised after being connected to the Internet without full patching or protection is less than four minutes. Due to new Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), more sophisticated malware, and clients’ heightened awareness to third party risk; organizations need to take a different approach. The old “playbooks” need to be reevaluated and a new plan put in place to “sack” malware and reduce risk. Organizations can leverage TECH LOCK® Certified to do this and show their clients they are compliant with ALL applicable data security laws. In addition, for organizations in healthcare, TECH LOCK can certify that organization against the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF). HITRSUT CSF is specifically devoted to the protection of Protected Healthcare Information (PHI). With HIRTUST’s CSF, organizations can show full compliance with HIPAA as well as State laws like Texas H.B. 300


Michael Wright, TECH LOCK’s chief security officer added, “Some organizations choose our holistic audits because it saves them money and time by getting one annual assessment done instead of two or three separate audits – often a requirement because of multiple clients punting their own preferred security audit standard down the line. But the true power of TECH LOCK® Certified is not in the money saved during the audit – it’s in the reduced risk to the business by treating all consumer data according to the same strict standards. It’s not easy to accomplish, but our TECH LOCK® Certified clients have shown that they truly see data security and reducing the threat of identity theft to be important objectives. This ends up being the true touchdown. The money saved is just the extra point.”



TECH LOCK, Inc. is a DBA International Approved Auditing Firm, Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA), Approved Scanning Vendor (PCI ASV), and HITRUST Common Security Framework Assessor specializing in holistic information security, compliance, and information technology solutions. TECH LOCK’s CEO is an ACA International Certified Instructor and former CIO of one of the largest debt buyers. TECH LOCK is the only auditing services company in the ARM Industry with all of these credentials, which makes TECH LOCK uniquely qualified in serving ARM companies of all sizes as it relates to data security, regulatory compliance, and IT infrastructure needs. TECH LOCK is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).