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Safeguard your organization’s information with penetration testing.

You may think your infrastructure is protected, but those with malicious intent are continuously looking to exploit vulnerabilities. Hackers can infiltrate an organization from nearly any connection, using even something as innocuous as a wireless mouse.

While vulnerability scans and automatic updates reduce the risk of an external or internal party causing harm, the only way to know how your system would react to an attempted breach is to conduct penetration testing.

Penetration testing, the examination of security vulnerabilities and attempting to exploit them, is a key line of defense for protecting organizations from breaches. It is a critical component of a robust information security program which every organization should conduct regularly.   

TECH LOCK’s Penetration Testing can show where your system is vulnerable. TECH LOCK employs “ethical hackers” – trained certified experts –to search for weaknesses in infrastructure (hardware), applications (software) and people.

Penetration test results help proactively correct deficiencies before you experience a breach. Periodic penetration testing also validates the work your organization has been doing to remediate vulnerabilities and implement controls.

Penetration Testing:

  • Simulates real-world attacks to assess the risk of compromise and the effectiveness of overall information security controls
  • Examines security vulnerabilities by attempting to breach them
  • Searches for weaknesses in infrastructure, applications and people to proactively correct deficiencies before a breach can occur

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