Log Management

Option with TECH LOCK Secure

Log Management and Threat Detection 

Revealing hidden security issues and threats: 

Security technologies provide plenty of logs and data but finding true security issues and threats is not easy. Determining which details to log, consolidating log management, and correlating against the latest threat intelligence is no easy feat.


  • 24x7x365 log collection and centralization with easy web access

  • Flexible log retention to meet compliance requirements

  • Normalization, indexing, and being able to search across the various log types

  • Security threat correlation and event management for known and emerging malicious activities

Identifying Threat Signals across Log Sources

Logs hold the events and activities that provide foundational security – useful only if they are safe and accessible. 

Guidance on log tuning, what to log based on device, business, and compliance needs

Log collection and centralization

Normalization of logs across an organization, indexing, and making them searchable

Expand the range of logs for better threat correlation supporting security devices, endpoints, directory services, applications, databases, cloud environments, and services like Office 365 and others

TECH LOCK provides comprehensive security that includes log management and threat detection covering all the basics for business security.

Overcome Security Challenges

Reading and parsing logs take expertise as they are not by default in a human-readable format.

There is significant overhead in collecting logs and keeping them safe and accessible.

Too many decisions about log technology without gaining improved security outcomes.

Threat detection and streamlining log management provide the best way to enhance security resiliency. Finding threats and issues before they take hold and do damage.  

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