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Managed IT and Security


Managed IT Services can help your organization reduce costs while strengthening your security posture, reducing risks, and improving productivity.

Security Services

After achieving security compliance goals, many organizations quickly fall out of compliance again. Our security engineers maintain compliance without burdening your IT staff.

Project-Based Staffing

Our team’s project management deep expertise in IT and receivables management make them uniquely qualified to help your organization implement and complete key initiatives.

Ongoing Staff Augmentation

Gain expert IT knowledge without committing another FTE. We provide a range of staffing needs from Virtual CIO to members with specialized skill sets and certifications.

TECH LOCK® has assisted clients in saving millions of dollars in operating expenses while increasing revenue and security.

Assessment Remediation


TECH LOCK helps your organization quickly remediate control gaps so you can achieve your compliance goals. Your IT Department is busy enough with day-to-day operations. When additional time and resources are required to mitigate or eliminate assessment findings this can cause resource constraints and delayed projects. TECH LOCK offers a proven track record in designing and implementing scalable, cost-effective and creative solutions to remediate gaps.


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Information Technology Assessment


The daily challenges of handling network, telecom, desktop and data security needs can be overwhelming and prevents your IT department from offering strategic value to help achieve your overall business goals. Hiring an independent company to take a fresh look at your IT architecture, costs, projects, and staffing is a critical first step to improving your security posture and reducing costs while improving your processes to create greater efficiency and strategic alignment with overall business goals.


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Compliance Maintenance


Many organizations are the most compliant with data security requirements just before, during, and just after their annual assessment. Once the auditor is out of sight, compliance often takes a back seat to expediency. A strong compliance maintenance program can help your organization remain compliant year-round to reduce the likelihood and impact of security breaches.


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Virtual CIO and CSO


TECH LOCK’s team of experts includes several individuals who have successfully served as IT executives at Fortune 300, accounts receivables management and small/medium sized businesses. Each possesses the skills and expertise to assist organizations who may not need or cannot afford a full-time CIO/CSO. Your organization can tap into their expert knowledge to set IT strategy, develop infrastructure, review vendor contracts and more without incurring the cost of a full-time executive.


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Technical Training


Generic technical training courses can be inefficient and will not address the specific needs of your organization. It can also be difficult for team members to apply the training to their specific responsibilities and your unique situation. Working with TECH LOCK to create custom training can address these issues by tailoring the training to your goals and unique needs.


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Security Awareness Training


Your team can be the greatest data security asset or threat. Have you ensured every team member understands what social engineering and phishing are as well as the threats they pose? Are they aware of the procedures and safeguards in place to protect your digital assets as well as ensure compliance with laws and regulations? If not, your organization may be more vulnerable than you think.

TECH LOCK offers customized security awareness training programs to address these issues and more.


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IT System design and implementation


Every system implementation or upgrade should deliver a clear ROI and help your organization better achieve its business goals. By working with TECH LOCK experts, you can ensure your IT department becomes a competitive advantage for your organization instead of just a cost center.

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Virtualization Solutions


As the cost of data centers continues to rise, many organizations are turning to virtualization. The benefits can be significant including:


• Lower IT costs
• Reduced planned and unplanned downtime
• Increased scalability
• Increased efficiency
• Smaller infrastructure footprint
• Faster deployment
• Standardized operating systems and applications


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Disaster Recovery


Your disaster recovery solution is critical to ensure your business will continue even in the face of a crisis. Despite its critical importance, this plan is too often ignored. TECH LOCK experts are well-versed in the development and implementation of disaster recovery solutions and data center buildouts.


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End Point management


From relentless hackers to an employee who inadvertently opened an email that introduced malware throughout your organization, security threats are attacking businesses in every industry, every day. Vigilant organizations are taking precautions to save their reputation, their customers’ trust and their livelihood.

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