Managed Security Services

Solutions to Your Security Problems

Because there is a shortage of security experts, a maze of technology options, and an ever-changing security landscape, we know getting full security coverage can be difficult. Our managed security services are geared to fulfilling the most common gaps because of staff shortages, changing priorities, and the increasing cost of doing it yourself. 

Achieve enterprise-grade security and threat protection at a fraction of the cost with TECH LOCK Secure Managed Security Services.


Achieve comprehensive security management with integrated compliance. Full visibility to security operations, current open issues, and threats.

Cost Savings and Budget Flexibility

Access to Leading Technology and Expertise

Regain Focus on Business Priorities

TECH LOCK Managed Detection and Response Customer Portal & Dashboard

Our managed security service provides the best in breed technology from endpoint security, firewalls, vulnerability management to log and threat detection.

Behind the scenes, enterprise-grade security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) deliver the highest fidelity of threat signals.  Our 24x7x365 SOC takes immediate action to neutralize and remediate.

The wisdom behind our operations comes from industry-leading security experts and assessors.  They know from experience how to proactively detect threats to protect your business from harm.

Managed Security Services: Enhanced Options

Log/SIEM Needs with Active Threat Detection

Secure consolidation of logs and correlation with threat intelligence combined with machine learning uncover security issues.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning and Prioritization

Vulnerability scanning service with personalized details for critical exposure points. Clear remediation details that security and IT teams can quickly execute and support to ensure patch validation.

Multi-Site Firewall and Security Management

Configuration and continuous monitoring for unauthorized events and suspicious ingress and egress traffic. Consolidate the security management and oversight for one to hundreds of locations.

TECH LOCK makes it easy to quickly adapt to the security and compliance changes that mid-size organizations need to protect their business more than ever.

Our robust compliance background means that you can rely on TECH LOCK to achieve comprehensive security while maintaining full compliance with the applicable standards that regulate your business. We provide the oversight and closed-loop verification needed for just about any compliance or regulatory standard built into our service.

Our High-Touch engagement and support helps organizations because they get the relevant and right-sized cybersecurity services that meets their needs. 

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