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PCI DSS – the global standard


An independent audit is the foundation to effective data security

PCI DSS Overview

• Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards follow common sense steps that mirror security best practices.

• Applies to all organizations worldwide that store, process or transmit cardholder data and sensitive authentication data.

• Administered by the PCI Security Standards Council, a consortium of American Express, Discover Financial Services, MasterCard, Visa and JCB International.

• Participating organizations include merchants, payment card issuing banks, processors, developers and vendors.

Do I need to comply?

Even if your organization does not store credit card data, merely transmitting or processing credit card numbers means you are required to comply with the approximately 250+ controls within 12 requirements. Many organizations are required to complete a PCI DSS audit annually.

Why choose TECH LOCK® as your PCI auditor?

• TECH LOCK, an accredited PCI Qualified Security Assessor Company, offers a full-service, independent third-party audit with technically skilled assessors that possess deep industry relevant experience to understand the finer points of your data security posture.

• TECH LOCK is accredited by PCI Security Standards Council to conduct PCI DSS Assessments.

• Audits are performed by qualified assessors with deep technical backgrounds who are capable of understanding many security structures.

• TECH LOCK offers a full-service audit package (recommendations, remediation help and ongoing connections to ensure continued compliance).

Gap assessments to promote a successful audit

For organizations undergoing a PCI DSS assessment for the first time, TECH LOCK also offers a gap assessment to identify potential areas of weakness, enabling your organization to remediate prior to the PCI audit. This assists many organizations with successfully completing their first independent audit.

Increase your data security posture

Learn more about the benefits of an independent PCI DSS audit from TECH LOCK for your organization.