Penetration Testing

Pen Test Findings Recap

Penetration testing is one of the best security investments. Our penetration testers share details of the vulnerability exposures they see during their engagements. Sharing these details to a much wider audience allows organizations to learn and become more secure. While every environment is unique, the types and categories of exploit vulnerabilities are not. Watch the video to view the latest video.

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You may think your infrastructure is protected, but those with malicious intent are continuously looking to exploit weaknesses. While vulnerability scans and automatic updates reduce your risks, the only way to know how your infrastructure would react in the event of an attempted attack is to conduct penetration testing. 

TECH LOCK security assessment services validate the security controls of your company and provide an understanding of how cyber-resilient your organization would be in the event of a real-world attack.

Services At a Glance

Network/ Application

Most penetration tests include network and application penetration testing as standard.

Web Application

Web application testing includes identifying the many areas a potential exploit within your internet-facing applications may be compromised looking at things like Session Management, Input Validation, SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery attacks.

Social Engineering

Social engineering involves human interaction. Examples include phishing emails and telephone calls used to obtain credentials and access to internal systems.

Premise/ Physical Security

A network can be technically secure but physically vulnerable. Regularly testing physical security controls can be just as important as a network penetration test.

“Penetration testing is security testing in which assessors mimic real-world attacks to identify methods for circumventing the security features of an application, system, or network. It often involves launching real attacks on real systems and data that use tools and techniques commonly used by attackers.”

NIST 800-115: Technical Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment

Our Expertise

TECH LOCK Assessors have industry-leading training, including SANS GPEN and Offensive Security. 

Rules of engagement are carefully defined to provide a professional and safe penetration test. TECH LOCK models activities of real-world attackers seeking vulnerable spots in systems to exploit. Automated exploit tests and manual tests are conducted under the supervision of expert security analysts to ensure a controlled condition yet thorough test to determine risk and potential business impact. 

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