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Solution Briefs

Managed Security and Compliance Services

Find out why there is NO one-size fits all for Security and Compliance. 

Compliance Maintenance

There is a risk when your staff is occupied keeping day-to-day systems running and put compliance maintenance on the back burner. Sound familiar?

Penetration Testing Services

The only way to know how you would react in the event of an attempted attack is to conduct penetration testing. Like a check-up, annual tests find exploits before they become serious, are you overdue for one?

PCI DSS Audit and Assessments

Just did a major upgrade of infrastructure or change for payment processing?  It could be time to schedule a PCI DSS Assessment to ensure the protection of payment data and peace of mind for your business.

Industry Information

Managed Security and Compliance for Hospitality

Explore the use-cases that TECH LOCK helps with managed security and compliance services uniquely for the Hospitality Industry.

Managed Security and Compliance for Healthcare

Read how TECH LOCK helps healthcare organizations and their business associates with the protection of healthcare data and keeping up to date with compliance requirements.