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Accurately determine your current security protocols and risks


TECH LOCK® experts can assess your IT infrastructure to identify your risks and assist in remediation prioritization or prepare for an audit.

Audit preparation

Many organizations work with TECH LOCK experts prior to undergoing a security audit such as PCI DSS or HITRUST to create a greater probability of success. A risk assessment can be especially helpful prior to completing an audit for the first time to identify areas of weakness or non-compliance.

A risk assessment designed around your needs

While TECH LOCK’s risk assessment is partially derived from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Special Publication 800-30, it is more importantly tailored to meet your specific goals and organizational structure.

Beyond a simple risk assessment

TECH LOCK’s experts will do more than just provide a basic risk assessment. We will give you document templates, free online resources and a deeper understanding of risk management.

TECH LOCK has assisted many companies increase their security posture and successfully complete critical audits through a risk assessment.