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TECH LOCK’s penetration testing service provides our clients with an accurate view of their security posture.

A vulnerability scan can only take you so far; our team can perform the following types of penetration tests according to criteria aligned with your organization’s goals:

  • Black Box, White Box
    Our team can be equipped with as little or as much foreknowledge as you wish. Traditionally, a black box penetration test is where the penetration tester begins with little detail about the target (other than the scope). A white box penetration test is where the penetration tester begins with full knowledge of the target.
  • Network / Application Penetration Testing
    Most penetration tests include network and application penetration testing as standard.
  • Web Application Penetration testing
    Web application penetration testing includes identifying and exploiting SQL injection flaws, and combining with other methods such as social engineering in cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery attack.
  • Social Engineering
    Social engineering involves human interaction. Examples of techniques employed are phishing e-mails and telephone calls used to obtain credentials and access to internal systems.
  • Premise / Physical Security Testing
    A network can be technically secure but physically vulnerable. Regularly testing physical security controls can be just as important as a network penetration test.