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Security Awareness Training

Your team can be the greatest data security asset or threat. Have you ensured every team member understands social engineering and phishing as well as the threats they pose? Are they aware of the procedures and safeguards in place to protect your digital assets as well as ensure compliance with laws and regulations? If not, your organization may be more vulnerable than you think.

TECH LOCK® offers customized security awareness training programs to address these issues and more.

Tailored for you


TECH LOCK’s experts will tailor security awareness training for the audience. This often includes executives, IT professionals or call center representatives but can be customized to address any group. Alternatively, training can be built around a specific standard such as PCI DSS, HIPAA or GLBA.

Comprehensive approach to security awareness


• Training for all employees and contractors at least annually
• Training for new employees and contractors BEFORE they are allowed access to your computer systems
• Specialized training for those whose roles require it such as HIPAA training for team members who come in contact with PHI and more intensive training for developers, IT and information security staff
• Acknowledgement forms for personnel who complete security awareness training
• Security awareness aides such as posters, email messages, bookmarks, stickers, handouts and more

Work with TECH LOCK to ensure effective security awareness training

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