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Evaluating Penetration Testers

Maintaining the security of your data and systems is complex and ever-changing – making it difficult to do well. Yet viability of your organization may rest on ensuring data remains protected. The challenge is significant.

Effective penetration tests should be a critical component of every cybersecurity plan. It is the only way to know how your system will respond under attack and gives you the opportunity to remediate BEFORE you experience a breach.

But with so many companies offering Penetration Testing services, how do you evaluate providers? Below are the key traits to look for in a penetration tester:

TECH LOCK penetration testers are passionate, experienced ethical hackers who effectively use automated and manual tools followed by detailed reports, providing critical remediation guidance. When you choose to work with TECH LOCK, your penetration tester also will meet with you to discuss findings and provide recommendations on remediation steps. Optionally, TECH LOCK can perform a retest post-remediation so you can be certain the issues have been resolved. The entire TECH LOCK team takes pride in partnering with your organization to successfully address issues and keep your environment protected.