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System Design and Implementation

Every system implementation or upgrade should deliver a clear ROI and help your organization better achieve its overarching business goals. By working with TECH LOCK® experts, you can ensure your IT department becomes a competitive advantage for your organization instead of just a cost center.

Systems designed by experts


TECH LOCK’s consultants possess numerous certifications including Cisco, EMC, Microsoft and VMware. They bring successful real-world experience in all areas of enterprise system design and implementation including:





Collaboration solutions

Server operating systems

Server hardware


TECH LOCK’s expertise provides you with a solution is based on industry best practices as it relates to configuration, implementation, scalability, reliability and storage.

Slow down to go fast

Rushing to implement a product or upgrade can cause unintended consequences. TECH LOCK takes the time to gather all of the requirements, review different products, build test environments and conduct a formal product rollout. This ensures the product architecture and configuration is customized for your environment and will better meet your organization’s goals.

TECH LOCK will work with your team to create a customized system architecture solution to meet your objectives and help transform your IT department in to a competitive advantage.