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TECH LOCK® Certified


A comprehensive, objective data security audit

The TECH LOCK Certified program provides a unique approach by combining all required data security laws, regulations and standards into a single audit to save your organization both time and money.

Holistic, multi-regulatory audit


Your organization is likelyrequired to complete multiple audits each year, many of which require examining the same data security and processes. A TECH LOCK Certified assessment tests all of these requirements simultaneously which enables:

Cost Savings

By eliminating redundant actions, a TECH LOCK Certified audit costs less than conducting each required audit independently.

Time Savings

Audits may last several weeks and require significant internal resources. By conducting all required audits at the same time, your team will spend less time responding to auditor requests and more time contributing to your bottom line.

Deeply technical audit


TECH LOCK’s expert assessors offer years of real-world IT experience in addition to certifications in many relevant technologies. As a result, they dive much deeper than just interviewing staff and reviewing documented policies and procedures. TECH LOCK auditors also review relevant systems and network components to ensure policies and procedures are effectively implemented. More than checking a box, TECH LOCK Certified ensures your organization is implementing the most effective data security procedures to lower your risk.

An objective and standardized audit


Some audits enable organizations to select which controls to apply leading to inconsistent and ineffective audit reports. TECH LOCK Certified uses a standard set of controls and testing procedures that meets the requirements of all laws and standards that we audit against.

Data centric audit

Before beginning a TECH LOCK Certified audit, our experts review the data elements stored, processed and transmitted. This includes Cardholder Data, Protected Health Information, Social Security Numbers, Federal Tax Information and Institution-Specific Information. The auditors then follow the data elements throughout your system to ensure compliance at each point. This enables your system to be reviewed at the individual component level and holistically.

Reduce your data security risks with TECH LOCK Certified