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Virtual CIO and CSO

TECH LOCK’s team of experts includes several individuals who have successfully served as IT executives at Fortune 300, accounts receivables management and small/medium sized businesses. Each possesses the skills and expertise to assist organizations who may not need or cannot afford a full-time CIO/CSO. Your organization can tap into expert knowledge to set IT strategy, develop infrastructure, review vendor contracts and more without incurring the cost of a full-time executive.

Business continuity


While your organization will have a primary point of contact, your contract with TECH LOCK® is serviced by an entire team of experts. So you don’t have to worry about a key resource turning in their notice, going on vacation or otherwise be unavailable. You are assured continuity of service for the duration of the engagement.

Flexible engagements

TECH LOCK is available to assist your organization for a defined length of service or on an ongoing basis. With a minimum engagement length of only 90 days, TECH LOCK’s Virtual CIO service can be used to fulfill critical responsibilities short-term due to a resignation, medical leave or other personnel reason. Alternatively, some organizations choose to use TECH LOCK’s service on an ongoing basis instead of hiring another FTE.

What’s in a name?


While TECH LOCK offers Virtual CIO/CSO services, this does not make TECH LOCK an officer in your company. Some clients leverage the title for marketing purposes, responding to RFP’s and similar but the TECH LOCK service can also be for a security director, security consultant or a nearly endless list of options. We will tailor the service contract to meet your organization’s exact needs.

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