Vulnerability Management

Option with TECH LOCK Secure

 Vulnerability Scanning, Remediation Prioritization, and Patch Management 

Prioritizing Patching Where you are Most at Risk:

Vulnerability data is overwhelming, that is once you can find the time to properly scan across your organization. Security hygiene is the key to blocking the vulnerabilities used by ransomware and attackers at large.

Making sure you are minimizing exposure is time-consuming and requires threat intelligence and business knowledge to know what systems are critical.


  • Vulnerability Scanning across your organization

  • Findings are enriched with enterprise-grade threat intelligence to determine remediation prioritization

  • Patch management is coordinated with full details of changes needed and within compliance timeframes

Block Vulnerability Exposure


Weaponized Vulnerabilities are the Easiest Way to Attack an Organization. 

Continuous vulnerability scanning at set intervals based on compliance and security needs

Real-time updates of vulnerability threat intelligence and changes in vulnerability criticality

Tracking of business criticality across business assets

Customer-driven remediation validation with unlimited automated vulnerability re-scans

TECH LOCK’s Vulnerability Management Service delivers an end-to-end risk-based vulnerability management program at a value to mid-sized businesses.

Overcome Security Challenges

Concerns about scanning frequency and managing vulnerability scan findings

Visibility to changes in vulnerability criticality and quantifying asset exposure
Time spent de-duping findings and validating patch remediation
Overall reporting on vulnerability risk and remediation activities

We take on the tedious and time-sensitive security basic of vulnerability management to protect business environments.

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