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Are you sure your organization’s information security controls can’t be compromised?






You may think your Account Receivables Management (ARM) infrastructure is protected, but those with malicious intent are continuously looking to exploit vulnerabilities. While vulnerability scans and automatic updates reduce the risk of an external or internal party causing harm, the only way to know how your infrastructure would react in the event of an attempted attack is to conduct testing.

Penetration Testing allows TECH LOCK to give our clients a more detailed view of the weaknesses and strengths of their network infrastructure.  Periodic penetration testing also allows our clients to validate the work they have been doing to remediate vulnerabilities and implement controls.

  • It’s a critical component of a robust information security program
  • It’s a simulation of real world attacks to assess the risk of compromise and the effectiveness of the overall information security controls
  • Organizations that use a penetration testing program are better able to validate their existing risk management strategy, their information security controls, and the methods that can be used to compromise their network infrastructure

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