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Your Data Security Depends Upon Quality End Point Management
Securing today’s technology is challenging as the number of endpoints continues to explode—workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth accessories and servers, to name a few. While required to meet the needs of business and a changing workforce, the security processes and protocols used to restrict network access from unwanted devices, ransomware or malware, to keep networks safe is too often overlooked.
Your organization needs to know what is connected to your system and follow an appropriate protocol to ensure it is protected.

This requires an analysis of the system and associated risk. Your analysis should:
1. Identify the risk, whether it is hackers or other impacts.
2. Determine factors for the likelihood of success by the identified attacker. Clarify the skill level of the attacker, motivation, opportunities that exist for the attacker to exploit the vulnerability, as well as motive, opportunity and the size of the group.
3. Estimate the potential impact by looking at these factors:
a. Technical Impact–data that could be disclosed and its sensitivity, damage to that data, potential interruption of service and the loss of accountability for this data.
b. Business Impact—financial damage to the company; reputation damage; non-compliance; and privacy violation.
4. Determine the risk severity by combining the likelihood estimate and impact estimate to establish the overall risk.
5. Decide what to fix, starting with the most severe risk.
6. Lastly, create your own risk rating model so that it can be followed for your organization.

A recent Frost & Sullivan survey of large organizations revealed that half of organizations are not running a comprehensive scan of security configurations and 45 percent are not scanning for software vulnerabilities.

This scope of work can be overwhelming for an IT team that is already weighed down with day-to-day operations and may not have an expertise in End Point Management. Data security, including End Point Management, is complex. It requires someone with specialized skills but your organization may not require those skills on a full-time basis. TECH LOCK’s End Point Management program can assist with this important part of your IT program, providing a team with technical skills to fill your organization’s specific requirements.

Learn more about End Point Management and how TECH LOCK can help your organization to protect data and meet compliance requirements. Learn more about End Point Management best practices here or contact us at learnmore@revspringinc.com.