Compliance Maintenance

Security And Compliance Is An Ongoing Commitment

Incorporate industry best practices into your day-to-day operations that cover all the activities and tasks needed for continuous compliance maintenance. TECH LOCK provides consistency with the checks and balances that are critical for data security and confidentiality. Required daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks, as well as ongoing monitoring help to ensure organizational or infrastructure changes don’t negatively impact your security posture.

Services At a Glance

Complete Checklist of Activities and Requirements

Easy to understand guides on exactly what is required, deadlines, and reminders so nothing is ever missed.

One Safe Location for Documentation and Artifacts

As requirements are met, store the latest documents, logs, and visuals in one safe location with TECH LOCK.

Expert Review and Analysis

This is a full-service package that identifies problems early and helps you to fix them. Artifacts and documents are quickly reviewed for completeness, accuracy, and to uncover any issues that might affect security or compliance.

Integrated Compliance Support and Assessments

Quickly provides checks and balances for everything from daily to annual jobs, including pre-scheduling any penetration testing or vulnerability scanning as needed. Full compliance assessments are quickly and painlessly accomplished with this ongoing maintenance saving companies from chaos and disruption usually encountered without the focus on continuous compliance maintenance. 

“Failing and audit or compliance fines for a company is a constant worry but there is also the perception that current compliance programs are inefficient or consuming too many resources.”

Our Expertise

We have an extensive understanding of cybersecurity, NIST SP 800-171\800-53, ISO 27001\27002. Our team also has the ability to provide PCI-QSA, PCI-ASV, and HITRUST Certifications.

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