Third-Party Risk Assessment

Visibility to Vendor, Affiliate, and Partner Security and Compliance Risks

In a world of increased security risks and regulatory oversight, the due diligence and vendor management practices of just a few years ago are now inadequate. It is no longer acceptable to send a questionnaire and check the box to say you have vetted your service providers. TECH LOCK can assist you in holding your vendors to your own high standards of data security and compliance.

Services At a Glance

Due Diligence and Vendor Oversight

TECH LOCK can provide the following services looking out for your organization’s security and compliance risk from vendors, affiliates, and partners.

  • Contract reviews for IT risk and compliance issues with third-party vendors
  • Management of Security Questionnaires
  • Validation of Security Questionnaire responses and yearly updates
  • Review third-party audit report of third-party security and compliance assessments
  • Perform vulnerability scanning and IT and reputation checks against third-party vendors

Merger & Acquisition Security and Compliance Assessment

Know before any letter of intent if finalized for any merger or acquisition the company’s security and compliance posture. TECH LOCK will perform a third-party assessment with penetration testing and can customize additional assessments based on your needs.

“31% of third-party vendors could cause significant damage to organizations if they were breached”